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Jump Zone

Defy gravity in the Jump Zone

Take on 8,000 square feet of mind-bending, gravity-defying trampoline awesomeness in the ZavaZone Jump Zone! Taste victory and leap like a champion with these action-packed challenges:


Open Jump Zone

Jump with other guests in a single arena while ZAVAZONE coaches ensure safe play from all angles.


Extreme Dodgeball

ZAVAZONE takes dodgeball to a new level of awesome! Get a piece of the action on one of our two Extreme Dodgeball courts.


Battle Beam

Fight to the finish (safely, of course!) with padded weapons. Your arena? A balance beam suspended above a foam-filled pit. Trust us: fun awaits both victor and vanquished.


Take Off

Show off your tricks, flips and acrobatic moves. Leap from trampolines into a padded pit stocked with a thick layer of cushioning foam cubes.


Jump Dunk

Slam dunk like an NBA superstar in our dedicated trampoline basketball zone.

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