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The ZavaZone

The ZavaZone story

Healthy. Carefree. Fun in Motion®

ZavaZone is a multi-attraction indoor experience – the brainchild of two groups of parents who were sick of hearing their children argue about what to do in their spare time. Both families found that everyone wanted to do something fun, active and healthy – and they wanted to do it together.

The families could never agree on one activity that worked for everyone. If one child suggested going to a trampoline park, another “had just been there.” When one parent suggested going to a climbing center, the other “didn’t feel like it.” Though everyone agreed that ropes courses were fun, the youngest children were too short to participate. Ultimately, they wished that there was one place they could visit that offered something for everyone.

Out of that simple wish, ZavaZone was born – a multi-attraction indoor experience that allows families to spend time together, have fun and get in shape while doing it. No more driving from place to place; no more arguments and compromises. More importantly, no one would ever feel bored or left out again.

Come play with us and discover what Fun in Motion® can do for you!