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Vertical Zone

The sky’s the limit in our Vertical Zone

Kids and adults can take it to the top with state-of-the-art climbing equipment at ZAVAZONE. Activities include:


Climb inside a pitch black tube with the only light coming from neon holds on the dark walls. This challenge is perfect for climbers who are seeking excitement.



Tip-toe along a series of sky-high poles to reach the pinnacle. Jump if you dare…


Face off

Race a friend or challenge them to follow your moves up the wall as you climb face-to-face on either side of a clear panel. Fairness is the name of the game at ZAVAZONE. Each side features the same exacts holds and patterns, so both challengers experience the same climb.



Work your way up a swaying rope while climbing over different-sized orbs. Hang in there!



Our trained ZavaZone coaches will slowly hoist you up our vertical drop slide, as the floor falls away and you cling on for dear life. When they can’t hold on any longer, they’ll release you to plunge down at a 90° angle.

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